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Harem Complex Trailer

Harem Complex Trailer

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About the filmmaker

Freedom is the creator of DOUBLESYTE FILMS a production company dedicated to the creation of experimental showcases and queer stories. Freedom has been making shorts and features for over a decade and is committed to continuing to do so for many years to come. The focus on experimental and queer content comes from a life of looking deeper, past the illusion of societal conformity. Doublesyte means looking beyond, being present for the unknown, and always practicing.

Up Next from Doublesyte

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There are exciting ideas in the pipeline! A film about falling in love with the only child of Death, a movie in which a family reunion ends in a battle royal, and an anime-inspired comedy series about theater technicians. Have your name in the credits in all projects by donating today.

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Looking beyond. 
Present for the unknown.
Always practicing.

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